40,000 Pennies Campaign

40,000 Pennies Campaign

Breaking news - we have reached our 40,000 pennies. Huge thanks to everyone who has supported us.

But special thanks to Wirral Methodist Church and Soup and Support in helping us reach our target.

On Monday 6 June at 10.30am, we launched our 40,000 Pennies Campaign live on Radio Merseyside, to coincide with this years Carers Week and the theme of Building Carer Communities and on Friday 11 November at 11.00am, we managed to reach our target.

Each penny is to represent one of the 40,000 Carers who live on the Wirral.  For us as a Charity, it is not about the value of the penny, but what the penny represents - A Carer or a Former Carer.

So what's this all about?

There are 40,000 Carers living on the Wirral but approximately only 4,000 access any form of help or support.

It is unclear why Carers don’t access any help and there are different thoughts as to why this is. Some believe it is because they do not see themselves as a ‘Carer’, others because they are too proud to ask for help and for some it’s because they just don’t know where to go for the help and support. What we do know, is that those who do not access services, plod on regardless of the impact it is having on them because they are dedicated in looking after their loved one, their relative or their friend. They do it because ‘they do’. Carer Connections at Wirral Connect want people to see that even though they are caring for someone, the help and support is out there and that it can be both meaningful and available at a time suited to need.

We are passionate about supporting those who support others and believe that this can be achieved by raising awareness through its 40,000 pennies campaign. As a charity we aim to collect 40,000 pennies with each one representing 1 of the 40,000.  Through the medium of art, the 40,000 pennies will visually show the caring journey, enabling all who take the time to look, to appreciate and to understand what it means to the person caring for their loved one, family member or friend.

Our aim is for more people to understand and recognise the caring role, the rewards and the demands it places on a person, but that with the right help and support the journey is one that is worth taking.

Please ring us if you have a penny pot that you would like us to collect from you.




Neil Fitzmaurice chats to the Tish Mckee from Wirral Connect about the 40,000 Pennies Campaign - Audio Boom.

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Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters listed below we have already managed to collect over 5000 pennies and still counting..........

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We have even been in the paper...........

40,000 pennies - Wirral News article


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