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Support for Carers and Former Carers

Wirral Connect works directly with Carers and Former Carers who live on the Wirral through its innovative Carers Mentoring Project.

Are you one of the Hidden Carers?

Actually identifying who is a Carer or what type of support helpful for them is crucial in maintaining a healthier balance between the person, their caring role and how they are able to support the person they care for.  However, people who do look after someone don’t always see themselves as a ‘Carer’ they do it out of love, loyalty or friendship and they bumble on regardless of the impacts it may be having to themselves.  This is evident in the fact that it is known there are around 40,000 Carers living on the Wirral but around only 4,000 Carers access any form of help or support.  For people who do look after someone (unpaid Carers), help and support is out there.

The Carers project will connect Carers or Former Carers by matching them with a qualified Volunteer Mentor, who will work on an individual basis with them.  The Mentors role is to encourage the Carer or Former Carer to identify their own individual needs and through a tailored approach, work towards meeting those needs.  The Mentor will take the time to listen, and support the person they are working with in a non-judgemental way.

If you feel you know someone who may be a Carer or Former Carer and would benefit from our support, please contact us on 0151 647 5432, email Karen at or download the referral form below.


Other support available

If the person being cared for goes into full time residential care, or following bereavement, that care role ends and the now former carer is at greater risk of becoming isolated.  With isolation, comes a range of problems such as, reduced life expectancy, poor physical and emotional wellbeing and general reduced quality of life.

At present the scheme runs a life after bereavement support group, in which we get people together. The support group offers a great opportunity to talk and share experiences, to show individuals that they are not alone, to try and introduce them to community activities and events they may be interested in becoming involved with.

We understand that this is not easy, as the challenges of adapting to life without caring is a massive transition, that is why all services delivered through Wirral Connect are delivered at a pace which suits the individual and meets their aspirational needs.

If you are interested in attending the bereavement group, please contact us on 0151 647 5432, email Karen at or download the referral form below.


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