Volunteering at Carer Connections

Taking the time and wanting to become a volunteer is a huge commitment.  The positive, and in some cases, the life changing impact that you will have on people is reward in itself.

At difficult points in our lives, we all need a little help and direction and by connecting people, our volunteers will help those that need that support.


How will it benefit me?

You will:

  • become part of a dedicated and passionate team

  • meet and make new friends and colleagues

  • gain confidence

  • improve your own health and wellbeing

  • gain new skills and experience

  • grow and develop personally

  • help your local community.


How much time is required?

There is a level of commitment required with this role, we do however appreciate that you are giving your time freely.  Karen Giner, the Project Coordinator, will discuss this with you prior to you being matched with a Carer or a Former Carer.


Becoming a Volunteer Mentor

We will need you to do the following:

  • be realistic and honest about the time you are able to dedicate

  • draw on the knowledge gained during your training, remembering where your boundaries lie

  • ask for support and help when needed

  • maintain a non confrontational and non judgemental approach at all times

  • adhere to our Policies and Procedures, particularly upholding the need for confidentiality at all times.


The Carer Connections team will do the following:

  • provide you with regular one to one direct support

  • Listen to your opinions about your volunteering experience and review any changes you may suggest

  • provide any further training necessary to maintain standards and keep you up to date with Wirral Connect Policies and Procedures

  • reimburse you with any agreed Volunteer expenses (i.e. travel expenses) in accordance with the Volunteer Expenses Policy


Volunteer Mentoring Induction

Following completion of the Peer Mentoring training, and as part of your commitment to becoming a Volunteer Mentor, each Volunteer will need to attend the Mentoring Induction training.

The aim of this is to familiarise yourself with the role, the team and the relevant Policies and Procedures.


Disclosure Barring Service

As part of your mentoring role and prior to being matched with a Carer or Former Carer, you will need to apply for a DBS which will be funded through Carer Connections.

If you have any questions, concerns or queries regarding this, please contact us on 0151 647 5432.



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